White Silver Vein Cut Travertine

We are sure that you have never seen such a good quality of Travertine selection as our White Silver Vein Cut Travertine. This exclusive selection involves elite grey tones which attract people with its elegance.

White Silver Vein CutTravertine is the best fit for every home and project demanding a bright atmosphere. Polished travertine has a smooth, slippery finish and bears a close resemblance to marble.

It has an attractive shine due to its smooth matte finish and reflects a lot of light. Filled and Polished finish which is shiny and smooth great for indoor and outdoor use. Polished surface allows easier removal of dirt.

White Silver Vein Cut Travertine
White Silver Vein Cut Travertine - vinomarble.com


White Silver Vein Cut Travertine Tile is a beautiful way to embellish your interiors and exteriors. Suitable to residential settings and commercial ones, halls, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, and beyond.

Travertine tiles are a great choice when you need neutral colors with many tile options. White Silver Vein Cut Travertine keep your floor cool, even in direct sunlight because of the calcium carbonate deposits inside them and they’re non-slippery.

Travertine is suitable for swimming pool decks or patios to help make sure you don’t slip on it! You can also place these travertine tiles both indoors and outdoors which makes this an excellent option if customizing homes.

You can make your driveway, pool deck and patio all welcoming with the right kind of travertine. You won’t be able to find anywhere else the elegance of Gray Travertine tile for your space.

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