Decorative Items

The processing and use of natural stone and using them as decorative items has a valuable and versatile quality, finding application in luxury interiors and modern settings.

Natural stone lends a sense of inimitable elegance and a unique texture to all interior spaces.

New and advanced technologies have augmented the number of ways in which designers can create and apply shapes using natural stones, thereby increasing productivity of and accessibility to stone-based products.

Decorative Items
Vino Marble - Split Face

There are many ways you can use Split Face and Mosaic, especially to create a stylish textural feature that will add depth to any space. Split face and Mosaic still remains a practical and desired finish option for exterior and interior projects and by incorporating them to your design you are bring the nature’s outdoor beauty inside your home.

Vino Marble offer you wide range of endless options of Decorative Items to use but here are some ideas where to use Mosaic and Split Face:

  • Spas
  • Water Fountain
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Backsplash
  • Bathroom
  • Column
  • Building Facade
  • Fireplace
  • Fire Pit
  • Accent Wall

Wall Cladding

Natural stone like slate slate or sandstone can be used as wall cladding solutions. this Decorative Items It adds more texture and a fresh appeal to interior walls.
You can create interior divisions using stone cladding in the living room and the kitchen. Or you can add a touch of texture by cladding walls with different types of natural stone. Even you can renovate your kitchen walls.

Decopanel Sylvestre for cladding a fireplace

Fireplaces clad in natural stone are functional and easy to maintain. They add value to any interior design project. a panel composed by natural stone with a slab format, which provides the ideal lightness to decorate interior fireplaces. It has an unparalleled high thermal resistance, so it perfectly withstands heat from chimneys and stoves without showing any damage (no direct contact with fire).

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Split Face

Split Face


Mosaic Product