White Silver Cross Cut Travertine

White Silver Cross Cut Travertine has a very distinctive structure. It has a very deep view like other types of marble such as bluestone. White Silver Cross Cut Travertine has a light and dark grey tones with a harmonic view naturally. Thanks to its cross-cut forms, it provides you a vertical view of its structure.

This feature is ideal for many different travertine and marble types. In this way, people can see different views of the natural stones rather than vein cut forms. It is a very different form, unlike most common shapes which are a vein-cut form. In addition to the structure of White Silver Cross Cut Travertine, the stone has a distinguished tones and colours. Thanks to its wide variety of colours, this natural stone can be used on many different places with other types of colours. And the dark and grey colour of the travertine provides a very modern and contemporary look for your home’s interior and exterior architecture.

For both your indoor and outdoor projects, the White Silver Cross Cut Travertine with a polished finish is sure to bring a stylish and unique atmosphere. Indoor, it can be used for both wall cladding and floor coverings for bathrooms, kitchens, showers or hallways. Outdoor, this type of travertine is usually found on facades, fences, home bases and embankments. A product which makes an impression through its strong personality which is just as well open to match it with different styles.

This fact is also sustained by its polished finish.Since travertine is such a versatile product in terms of decoration possibilities, it can ensure an exotic, warm ambience in plenty of different environments.

White Silver Cross Cut Travertine
White Silver Cross Cut Travertine


White Silver Cross Cut Travertine has a wide using areas and places. This natural product can be preferred on many different floors and surfaces. Especially, this travertine type can be used for wet floors thanks to its waterproof feature and durable structure. It can be preferred for the bathroom and toilet as a covering material for the floor and wall.

Also, the White Silver Cross Cut Travertine can be used for producing sinks, bowl, and shower. This use provides you a harmonic view in your bathrooms and toilets. Additionally, this use is very proper with bathroom and toilet furniture such as bathroom cabinets and taps at the same time. In addition to interior usages, White Silver Cross Cut Travertine is a very harmonic material for outdoor usages. It can be used for landscape architecture and gardens.

Because of its natural texture, this stone is ideal for using in the outdoor. Also, it can be preferred with other types of light and dark grey tones thanks to its different colours and tones. Especially, with dark colours, this stone offers to you a natural harmony for the design of your houses and gardens. Silver Cut travertine can also be preferred for flooring and cladding systems of your offices, business centres, and restaurants. It is preferred as a covering and facing material and it is a cool choice with dark colour materials such as andesite and basalt.

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