Limestone is a natural stone that is often composed of the skeletal fragments of marine organisms.

The beautiful palette of beige tones, like GOHARE GRADE A, GOHARE GRADE B offers untimely elegance, perfect for projects that needs a more sophisticated and natural look.

it is very common in architecture – many landmarks across the world, were made of limestone, but it also finds its place in the interior or exterior residential projects.

Lime Stone
Vino Marble Limestone

it is a highly valued stone because ads beauty to many buildings by offering a wide range of finishes such as polished or brushed. The finish applied to the stone can change color, creating deeper or richer tones.

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Use in Construction

it is especially sought after in restoration projects or extensions to old buildings because it can weather quickly, allowing the new construction to blend in well with the old part of the building, relatively quickly. That isn’t to say however that it isn’t durable. There are a number of different types of limestone – each, of course with their own properties, but some – such as Clipsham limestone – are very durable whilst being extremely versatile, and therefore excellent for use in construction and restoration.

Limestone Paving

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Vino Marble offers a wide range of Limestone products for your residential, commercial and other applications. Explore our different types of Limestones below and visit our gallery for more products photos

Limestone Products

Gohareh Grade A

Gohare Grade A

Gohare Grade B

Gohare Grade B

White Limestone

White Limestone


Which Type Of Limestone Block Should I Use?

This ultimately will come down to your personal style, site makeup, and your budget. If you are unsure about which direction to go, simply give us a call and let us share our vast knowledge base with you. We’ll help you make an informed decision that can deliver the ideal outcome you are seeking.


There are typically three types of limestone blocks that can be used for building limestone walls which each create a different style and look for your project. All blocks are equally durable and versatile in their composition.
Reconstituted limestone blocks – reconstituted limestone blocks are the most common limestone blocks used to construct walls and are made from crushed limestone and cement. They appear cream in colour and are available with a bevel face or plain face.
Natural limestone blocks – natural limestone blocks are cut straight from the quarry floors and do not go through a manufacturing process. They appear less uniform in their shape, colour and size than reconstituted blocks.
Natural Earth limestone blocks – Natural Earth blocks appear red in colour and are manufactured using rammed earth to create the rustic tones. These blocks are available in a bevel face or plain face.


Consider what the blocks are to be used for, the size of the project and the desired end result. The block used for a garden bed will be totally different to that required for a mass retaining wall.


Natural limestone blocks are cut directly from the floor of the quarry whereas reconstituted limestone is a manufactured product made by using high quality crushed limestone and cream cement that preserves the look and feel of natural limestone but has the added strength and superior qualities of a manufactured product which doesn’t crumble or discolour over time.