Who we are?

Vino Marble has more than 30 years combined experienced in the field of manufacturing and exporting Natural Stone to different parts of the world. Our story begins in middle east where we made a name in the field in offering solutions to our customers by providing the best products for their projects.

This made us to make plans to expand our business. Our next step was to enter to European market, and because Romania had a big interest in our products we decided to start by opening an office here with plans to expand our office network in the near future.

The commitment that we have with our customers is not only to offer the best quality in our products but also thanks to our professionals team we want to simplify and make a worry free procedure for you.

Vino Marble - Who We Are?

Meet Our Team

At Vino Marble, we take pride in providing excellent customer services. That’s why our specialized team can help you in making the best choices for your projects.

Samira Kashi

Samira Kashi

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What we do?


The block of marble is the most important part of this process: the quality of the future products depends on the features, technical and aesthetic properties of the marble.

Vino Marble has a wide range of marble blocks, thanks to extraordinary natural stones and marble coming from the best marble mines – middle east, they are well-known for their high quality of natural stones.

We have contracts with the best quarries in middle east from where we supply our blocks, there we have a warehouse with a capacity of 2.500 tons.

We bring our marble with outstanding quality from the best quarry located in middle east.

Vino Blocks


With a large variety, Vino Marble can meet any needs always providing the best quality of the material.

We provide high quality slabs, made in Oman, in a world-class factory that combines the latest technology of highly advanced machines with a highly experienced team of production.

The processing of marble slabs includes a few steps, like: resining, meshing, polishing, smoothing, and brushing operations to meet the technical specifications required.

Vino Marble Slabs

Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles sets a perfect statement in any home or commercial space, with the reputation of being one of the most luxurious home design materials and its attractive veining and color options can truly make it stand out in any room.

Vino Marble offers you a wide range of high quality marble tiles at competitive prices, brought from middle east.

Vino Marble Tiles

How we do it?

Technology it became such a big part of our life, helping us to make everything much easier.

From gadgets that improve the security of our homes, remind us to exercise, communicate with friends and colleagues it definitely changed how we live and work. Technology is also a big part in the natural stone industry and it opens up a world of possibilities for your projects.

We invest constantly in research and technological innovation. That’s why we use the best technology in the field brought from Italy.

Our Processing Plant and Facilities

Once extracted from the quarries, the blocks are brought to the factory for processing in order to obtain end products.

The factories that process the blocks are equipped with modern machineries with very high precision.

For our tile production, we use our factory and is equipped with state of the art machineries. It is equipped with Italian block cutters and polishing line.

Here we have a slab showroom that has a capacity of 5.000 sqm.

After being extracted from the quarries, we store our blocks in our Warehouse that has a capacity of 2.500 Tons.

Our Processing Plant And Facilities

Our Mission

Providing the customer with quality material in a timely manner, competitive price and satisfying service. We do that through our experienced team with more than 30 years combined experience in stone field. Our procurement team will select the best material for your projects, and our sales professionals will make sure your experience is a worry free procedure thanks to a long experience in exporting Blocks, Slabs from Oman to all over the world.

We offer the most beautiful range of middle east Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Onyx with the best price and quality to customers.


Our Vision

Simplify the complicated procedure of exporting from middle east through overseas Sales Offices. For instance, we are establishing our Sales Office in Romania to expand the market coverage and overcome the difficulties faced by Middle East suppliers.

Vino Marble brings you the sense of luxury and satisfaction to turn your dreams into reality.