Noce Vein Cut Travertine

Travertine Noce Vein Cut also known as Walnut Travertine belongs to the categories of the Dark travertines. The material has a generally straight vein pattern.
Noce Vein Cut is an essentially dark to light Brown color. Generally there are no significant pores or cavities.
Please note that natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.
Similar in appearance to the Ivory Vein-Cut but darker. Featuring frothy waves of chocolate, cappuccino and buttermilk, evocative of a choppy ocean. The surface of this Travertine floor tile is polished but still retains an underlying mottled appearance.
Noce Vein Cut Noce for sure is the stone, which will add an impression of richness and depth to the floors and walls of almost any residential project.
Noce vein cut travertine has good availability and would work well for commercial projects or for a distinctive residential application.
This material was used in a bathroom designed by Amos Goldreich Architects.

Noce Vein Cut Travertine
Noce Vein Cut Travertine - vinomarble


Their brown color and highly premium veins will crate the most elegant look in your living spaces. Brown is one of the most popular travertine color for flooring and wall applications.
Noce Vein Cut Travertine tiles will be perfect for your bathroom floors, kitchen floors, room walls or outside walls.
The finishes can be honed, polished, tumbled or saw cut. Noce Vein Cut Travertine tiles can be produced with polished, honed or brushed surfaces.
Travertine has naturally occurring holes and these can be filled with a matching or a clear resin or left unfilled for certain applications.

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