golden black marble

Golden Black marble is a kind of natural stone with black background in which exist very beautiful golden and white lines along with white flowers irregularly within which engraved in form of fish scales.
The Golden Black Marble stone of Iran is so diverse in pattern and veins that it can meet all tastes. Golden Black Marble is usually provided in 2 cm polished slabs. This amazing stone features a rich black background with an overlay of busy, yet stunning gold veining.
Black Gold Marble comes from the mountains of Markazi Province originally which is located in the central part of Iran. This province is known as the origin of many other natural stones also. Pakistan, China, and Italy are other origins for black marbles like Nero Portoro Marble, Black Marquina Marble and Black Bonanza Marble with gold or white veins but Iranian golden black Marble has a unique texture and differs from those marbles.

Golden Black marble
Golden Black marble


If any stone for interiors represents luxury and exclusivity, this is the Golden Black Marble. We can see the golden color in many stones in the form of small particles or grains. A natural rock as beautiful as marble with golden streaks is the best distinction we can offer to our interior design project.
It can be cut & curved in tile, slab & Longitudinal dimensions. Golden Black Marble is very applicable in flooring the whole interior spaces of the building as well as facades & washrooms.

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