Split Face

Split Face generally refers to products that have either been quarried or mechanically split using machines to create a rough hewn surface that shows off the natural cleft of the stone. Depending on the type of stone that is being worked, the end result can vary from a slightly smoother finished surface on a more quartz based stone, to a more inconsistent and cratered look on stones like limestone and sandstone. Natural stone splits along the cleavage layers and most of the time it can end up being fairly flat.

Split Face
Split Face

Where to Use?

Split Face Natural Stone still remains a viable and desired finish option for projects ranging from the exteriors of residential and commercial applications to backsplashes and feature walls. Norstone Natural Stone Rock Panels and XL Series Rock Panels are great examples of a this stone veneer product. The raw split face material is cut on the sides and back and then the individual stones are epoxied together in a 6”x24” panel unit. The panel concept allows for a quicker, standardized installation routine, while still achieving the timeless look of a natural split face stone wall.

Unlimited scope of use, including external facades and internal decorative applications – split face tiles can be successfully used as finishing material on external walls, decorative finish in retail environments as well as high quality finish in domestic applications. Splitface backsplash tile and wall tile work beautifully on feature walls, bath/showers surrounds, and fireplaces, in both residential and commercial projects.

Vino Marble offers a variety of products including marbleTravertine , Granite , limestone and onyx.

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