Pink Vein Cut Travertine

Pink Vein Cut Travertine is a porous material with naturally-occurring holes that might remain unfilled or be factory-filled with resin or cement. Travertine has two main cutting variations, the vein-cut, and the cross-cut. Both create a completely different appearance because of the sawn cutting system.

Pink Travertine is an natural stone characterized by a rather uniform and compact background of pinkish color, enriched by intense veining and shades more or less marked, particularities that give personality and character to applications.

Pink Vein Cut Travertine as natural stone has almost the same slabs and tiles processes. Although the tumbled and honed surface treatments, it is also produced by polished, raw, and aged treatments. Depending on the customer requests, Pink Travertine can be processed into various shapes.

Pink Vein Cut Travertine
Pink Vein Cut Travertine - vinomarble


Due to its candescent color, Pink Travertine is recommended for large scale projects to create authentic atmosphere.

Pink Vein Cut Travertine is ideal for both interior and exterior designs, constructions and applications as: furniture elements, facings for fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchen tops, decorative elements as vases and trays, floorings and staircases also in combination with other marble types and many more.

Vino Marble offers a variety of products including marble , Travertine , Granite , limestone and onyx.

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