persian silk marble

Persian Silk Marble is one of the marble extracted from Iran mines with a distinctive design, beautiful color, and texture. This stone consists of streaks with a beautiful ivory-gray or gray streaks. Persian Silk marble is cut and processed in large sizes ( slabs ) due to its special color. This stone is also known as the Emperador Stone.
One of the disadvantages of Persian Silk stone is its high color game that many architects call this color game as a privilege because Persian Silk stone is literally the beauty of a stone after execution. It has natural. One of the advantages of this stone is good sanding, low water absorption and rock strength.
The influential factors on the price of Emperador or Persian Silk stone are primarily its brightness, various colors, and the requested dimensions. In the next degree, the processing and the requested area will affect the price.

persian silk marble
persian silk marble

Application of Persian Silk Stone

Persian silk stone is often processed in the dimensions of steel and slabs.This marble can be used in all interior parts of the building. Persian Silk marble is available in two colors: light gray background and dark gray.
One of the most important applications of Persian silk stone is the use as a flooring stone. This stone with cream paint background creates a special attraction for interiors and can be used for luxury hotels, large commercial centers, stylish and modern flooring residential units.
In addition to using this beautiful stone as an internal paving stone, it can also be used as a staircase. The sword parts of the stairs and the elevator margin are the most important applications of this stone

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