black marble

Black marble is widely used for floors, claddings and countertops, and even as complements for furniture. Of course it is not the only kind of marble used for that kind of applications, however It is undeniable that black marble always gives a touch of elegance and exclusivity to any environment.

The black colour of this type of stone is mainly explained by its genesis on continental platforms that have received an important volume of sediments with abundant organic matter and carbonate under anoxic conditions.

This type of deposits have occurred in several geological stages during the Mesozoic (Cretaceous) and Paleozoic Eras (Devonian-Carboniferous) in different areas all around the World.
There are many types of black marble on the market, the vast majority are black limestones or dolomites (sedimentary rocks) whose surface acquires shine after polishing.

Black Marble

Different Types Of Black Marbles

We mostly differentiate marble types based on their origin and appearance. The appearance consists of different intensities of black in the background and different colors of veins in it right from white to gray and gold.

CALATORAO black marble

This type of this stone with its extraordinary resistance to environmental factors can be used as flooring in open spaces. The main quarry is located in Zaragoza, Spain.


Marquina Black marble

It is an internationally recognized variety of black marble. Due to high production, it is easily available worldwide.

Noir Saint Laurent Marble, France

Noir Saint Laurent is a famous place in France and this variety of black marble is found in abundance.

Nero Porto, Italy (Portoro)

Nero Porto is the most expensive black marble on the planet.Portoro has an intense jet color base with numerous dynamic golden veins and white effervescences give it a motion effect.


In addition to the two mentioned cases, there is another type of black marble that has received a lot of attention due to its attractive appearance. Black background with white quartz and gold streaks are the hallmarks of this marble market.

Vino Marble offers Black marble for floors, claddings and countertops, and even as complements for furniture.

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