Natanz Granite

Natanz Granite Granites have many types and are accessible in many colors. The quality and type of granites depends on the location of the mine and the city and the country where the mine is located. Granite is a resistant construction stone which has a high rate of hardness, is mostly used in the industrial projects or in some parts of the buildings with high rate of automobile traffic. Nehbandan, Natanz, Morvarid, and Yazd Red granites are the most famous granites which are mined in Iran.

Natanz granite is one of the most used granites of Iran and is used both inside the country and for export purposes. The suitable price of this stone is a reason to the use of this granite in most of projects. Natanz Granite is found in Black and Gray colors and the use of these colors beside each other creates very beautiful designs. The Natanz granite is really hard. This stone is taken place between Nehbandan and Morvarid granites in Evo Wash (washing) process.

Natanz Black granite is mostly used in the margins and as fine designs in the floors. The reason of such applications is the high price of this granite. In the opposite side, the Natanz Gray granite is applicable in all cases and its price is very reasonable

Natanz Granite

The Gray and Black Natanz granites are available in different sizes but most of cuts are in 40 longitudinal and 40×40 sizes.

Uses Of Natanz Black Granite

  • This beautiful stone with its uniform texture is a good choice for indoor and outdoor usages such as flooring, wall cladding, stairs, yard floor, parking lot, and floor of commercial and office units.
  • According to your decoration style, if you want to use a black stone, Natanz Black Granite could be one of the best choices. The combination of this color with other opposite colors like white, light, gray, or even dark gray would make a beautiful interface.
  • Natanz black granite is very resistant to chemical materials and has the least amount of discoloration and corrosion. It is also an antibacterial stone that prevents the accumulation of infection and does not allow the growth of fungi and mold. so it can be used in the kitchen and laboratories as a cabinet stone panel.
  • It is also produced in different types such as: filmed and cubic, which is used in parking ramps and sidewalks.
Natanz Granite

The Price Of  Natanz Black Granite

The price of Natanz black stone depends on the following factors:

  • Uniformity of design and color
  • Processing quality in production and being a bag
  • Requested size
  • Thickness

This stone has a higher price than other granites due to its unique color and high quality.

Natanz Black Granite Mine

This stone is from the Natanz Granite mine, which is in Persia(Iran). It is one of the oldest mines located in Ureh village in the Central District of Natanz, Isfahan, Iran. You can visit our website on SangeVazin for more different types of building stones and stone facades.

Natanz black granite

Natanz Black Granite is one of the most popular natural stones to be used on a variety of surfaces and considered by the manufacturing industry around the world. Black granite with its inherent beauty and natural opacity is both classic and modern style choice. Natanz black granite is known for the strength, durability, and appearance that remained unique in the world of natural stones.

By placing granite in a space lit by sunlight, its polished surface reflects radiance and instills a sense of luxury in the mind of the audience.

What is the reason for choosing black granite?

The beauty that is created by adding black granite to your home decoration or exterior simply stands out among a collection of buildings. The range of patterns and black and white rotations on this granite is not as great as other natural stones, but it tends to produce a modern, unique, and luxurious appearance. Another important reason for using black granite in home remodeling is that it can go well with design elements including floors, cabinets, or sinks – regardless of their color and texture.

Black is one of the few colors that can be easily combined with other colors. Black highlights other colors in your kitchen or bathroom design. As mentioned, black granite creates a spectacular contrast when matched with island and white or lighter cabinets.

By choosing Natanz black granite tiles, you assure that the facade provided in any commercial or residential space is as beautiful as possible in terms of color and texture. According to the recommendation of natural stone experts, black granite can be used in countless cases, including indoors and outdoors, depending on personal interest.

Types of cutting and how to process black Natanz granite

We use two different styles for cutting black Natanz granite. Tiles and slabs are two safe methods for cutting stones that have been approved successfully. Polishing, hond, and leathering methods are also used to process black granite.

Uses of black Natanz granite

Many people use black Natanz granite to create an impressive effect, especially for their kitchen and bathroom. Natanz black granite is a universal choice for the construction of countertops, flooring, interior, and exterior of buildings.

Black granite is also an innovative option for wall covering because it displays its beauty in the sun. Besides, this sample is a better choice compared to other stones because it is resistant to sunlight, dust, and water, and its apparent quality isn’t reduced.

Properties of black Natanz granite

The properties of Natanz black granite are the same or even slightly better than other types of granites (in some cases). This stone is resistant to water and heat and is very easy to maintain. This stone has been tested even at freezing temperature and has not been damaged in the slightest.